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Alcarys Complex Original Soundtrack Now Available!
November 4th, 2012

The Alcarys Complex Original Soundtrack is finally available on Amazon and iTunes. This album features almost 80 minutes of original folk music written by me, and featuring violinist Melissa Ou. Download your copy today! (CD versions available soon!)

Amazon MP3 Download

iTunes Music Store Download

The game itself is also complete, and can be purchased from Modest Arcade's Website. Alcarys Complex is a unique Action-RPG with a great story, truly exceptional character writing, and a compelling, beautiful world. If you'd like to try before you buy, you can download a free trial and experience a large potion of the game world. Modest Arcade is a wonderful indy developer who really cares about its fans and its games, and they've gone to great lengths to make sure that Alcarys Complex is truly an unforgettable experience.
Alcarys Complex to be Released July 2012!
May 8th, 2012

Alcarys Complex is a brand-new, completely unique action RPG in development by Modest Arcade, and with music composed and produced by Chris Apple Studios! The game has a heavy focus on narrative and social interaction, and takes a truly revisionist approach to the top-down action RPG. It has a wonderful blend of adventure and intrigue, three-dimensional character development, and a deep, complex storyline.

Alcarys Complex takes a unique approach to soundtrack scoring, as well. I have been working with Jonathan and Cesar at Modest Arcade to develop an original album of folk music for the game. The music honors many folk traditions, including American, Celtic, Middle-Eastern and Asian styles. It is an album full of earthy, soulful melodies, and beautiful performances by some very talented instrumentalists. The music spins stories of bustling cities, ancient landscapes, and the fantastic journey that ties the game's main characters together. Here is a link to Alcarys Complex's Kickstarter Page, where you can hear some of the music and learn more about the game!
New Website Launched!
April 18th, 2011

My new website is finally up and running! Thank you for your patience in tolerating my temporary, low-tech website. There are new photos and other graphics, an expanded library of my musical work, and a biography section.

It was designed to be both minimalist and visually appealing, and to feature as little Flash as possible. No visual effects that you see here are Flash. I was hoping to provide an example of a site that used JavaScript and CSS to emulate some of Flash's advanced graphic effects, while still being scalable to any resolution via the responsible use of CSS. Try it! Shrink the window and see what happens! Because of the cooperation of JavaScript and CSS here, I am able to serve a broader range of users with widely varied monitor settings. It's certainly not a quick way to build sites, and some of the CSS got pretty ugly (thanks a LOT, Internet Explorer) but it was an interesting experiment.
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Alcarys Complex
A story of six characters who try to change a disillusioned world. (Purchase at Amazon or iTunes)

Sword Dance
  Violin: Melissa Ou
Atlantis Rising
An orchestral adventure into an ancient city.

Battlezone 3
A silent war fought deep in outer space.

Battle Of The Colossi
  Trumpet: Kris Heiby
Voice Overs: Vehicle HUD Voice
  Voice Talent: Nick Piegari
  Recording Engineer: Chris Apple
A heroic crash dummy tests all the contraptions and saves the day.

One daring pilot defends the skies over his homeland.

A traditional Russian Folk song heard in the video game Tetris.

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About Chris Apple

Chris Apple is a composer, arranger, and vocalist who has been working with music in many forms since the age of five, when he began taking piano lessons.He is a musician who demands quality and originality of himself; is dedicated to achieving a polished, professional sound, yet avoids musical clichés; and tries to make each project something new and unique. He places special emphasis on knowing how to design music to achieve a desired emotion in the listener. A wide variety of musical genres are employed in his work, such as orchestral, rock, electronic, even harmonic chant. He has always had a powerful fascination and respect for video game music, and hopes to produce some of that "magic" feeling for his clients.

Chris composes for a wide variety of applications and instruments. He served as the Music Director of the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra for three years, and has written and arranged many full orchestra and chamber pieces for the UMGSO and other clients. He has also composed and arranged for a variety of other instruments including guitar, voice, piano, eastern instruments such as the koto, and electronic instruments. He has worked with a live orchestra and chorus, and has used virtual instruments to achieve a real-to-life orchestral sound.

A classically-trained baritone vocalist, Chris is also capable of singing in multiple styles. He has sung with several choruses and worked one-on-one with vocal trainers. Most recently, he was featured in Video Games Live, a national touring orchestra performance, where he sang alongside the National Philharmonic Choir and performed an operatic solo piece in Russian.

For Inquiries, Please Contact Chris.