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New Website Launched!
April 18th, 2011

Shuffles the Crab, Marketing Director
My new website is finally up and running! Thank you for your patience in tolerating my temporary, low-tech website. This new site offers many new features, such as an inline media player (click here to expand the media tray, or you can simply hover your mouse over it.) There are also new photos and other graphics, an expanded library of my musical work, and a biography section.

It was designed to be both minimalist and visually appealing, and to feature as little Flash as possible. In fact, the only Flash it uses is to control the audio stream. No visual effects that you see here are Flash. I was hoping to provide an example of a site that used JavaScript and CSS to emulate some of Flash's advanced graphic effects, while still being scalable to any resolution via the responsible use of CSS. Try it! Shrink the window and see what happens! Because of the cooperation of JavaScript and CSS here, I am able to serve a broader range of users with widely varied monitor settings. It's certainly not a quick way to build sites, and some of the CSS got pretty ugly (thanks a LOT, Internet Explorer) but it was an interesting experiment.
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Atlantis Rising
An orchestral adventure into an ancient city.

The Way To Atlantis
For Inquiries or Hiring, Please Contact Chris.